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Pictures of Dr. Bill You Can Use to Promote Your Event

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About Dr. Bill Dyment

Dr. Bill Dyment is a leading expert in permanent personal and corporate change management. To date he has delivered more than 2600 seminars to 500 of America’s Fortune 500 companies, universities, health institutions and charitable organizations.  His message draws from his research examining stress and burnout among domestic U.S. workers and those serving in 38 countries worldwide. In addition, he is a frequent radio guest and has written numerous publications for human resources and clinical magazines on the topic of employee wellness and motivation.  In addition to his ongoing seminar and consulting, he frequently works with organizations to prevent and respond to critical incidents including work force changes, accidents, mental health crises, and violence.

Dr. Bill brings to the platform 20 years of clinical expertise and experience. He relates well to diverse audiences having significant cross-cultural experience including numerous visits to Africa, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and, of course, Mexico.

Dr. Bill is the co-author of Fire Your Excuses, a ground-breaking book and self-assessment, taken by more than 1300 to date, featuring a 20-page personalized report examining the areas in which professionals struggle in the most and their current potential for change.


Based on their executive coaching program by the same name, the Fire Your Excuses book and assessment is now available for iPad, Nook, Kindle and at Amazon.com.  More information about Dr. Bill’s  Fire Your Excuses coaching and seminar information, please visit our sister site:


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