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Counting the True Costs of Ongoing Corporate Conflict

What is the true cost of ongoing team or interdepartmental conflict?

A team of 20, $45K per year employees who are experiencing a medium level conflict will cost the organization $91,000/month.

In this short video, Dr. Dyment examines the immediate financial impact as well as the wider effect on morale, public relations and the ability to retain and hire the best personnel.

Responding to Critical Workplace Incidents

What is a “critical incident”?

How can your organization best respond to a traumatic event?

In this short video (4:50 minutes), The Dyment & Associates team, a “first responder” for more than 20 years, shares their six-step, rapid-response process-the critical incident stress debriefing.

How to Reboot and Rebrand Your Career

The arrival of spring is also a strong signal that the year is rapidly moving along. We are reminded by the changing seasons that it is time to make good on the goals we set for ourselves in January. All too soon, the year will begin barreling to its end.

When it comes to career goals, the most common question I get from audience members and career clients these days is: “I feel stuck. How can I reboot my career? I know I am capable of so much more.” Some report they are increasingly being passed over, others say they feel lost and out of focus, not sure what to pursue during their career’s third quarter.  Maybe you can relate.

This short, eight minute, video is my answer.  It is entitled:  How to Reboot and Rebrand Your Career (and Stop Wandering in a Career Desert of Your Own Making.)  It explores:

  • The five most common career “fails.”
  • What you can do to differentiate yourself in any crowded field.
  • How to rebrand yourself professionally-whether you choose to stay in your current job, find a better one, or start a new business of your own.
  • How to become an “intrepreneur” or entrepreneur–pick one. (You must do one or the other if you wish to stay relevant these days.)

Click Image to Watch Video

These career changes are not hard but you must become laser-focused on the right strategies. If you are feeling stuck, undervalued, or desiring to make the shift from “player” to “player-coach” yourself, you will find this short video helpful AND challenging.  If you have any questions about your own career strategy, let’s talk!

Enjoy and Learn,

Dr. Bill




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Five Leadership Lessons from the Summer Olympics

16.08.16 Olympic Photo 2Confession: I have always loved watching the Olympic Games. This week I gave some serious thought to why these events have always inspired me. What I have discovered in thinking about the Olympics and Olympians is they present five challenges to each of us who wish to best lead ourselves and impact others:

Focus. American gold metal Olympian, Simone Biles, has been called the greatest female gymnast of all time. Certainly, her power and execution is extraordinary but what also sets her apart is her ability to tune out everything around her and deliver a consist performance every time. In contrast, a number of her competitors, who were the reigning champions going into the 2016 Olympics, have been less consist in Rio.

Robin Sharma, noted leadership coach and author, recently said: “Today, focus is more important than intelligence.” A keen ability to focus, to tune out the crowd around you, to stay on task in a world of distractions, will set you apart even from those smarter and more naturally gifted than you. Developing the ability to focus emotionally is a skill all champions possess. And, it is a skill that you can develop over time.

Excellence. Malcolm Gladwell in his bestseller, Outliers, popularized the “10,000-Hour Rule,” based on a study by Swedish psychologist, Anders Ericsson. Greatness, he explained, requires an enormous amount of practice, namely, pursuing a specific task 20 hours a week for 10 years-10,000 hours. Gladwell even argues that the early works of Mozart were not extraordinary but after years of practice they became so. This is encouraging!

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We’ve Moved (Up) to Serve You Better!

On July 1st, our Dyment & Associates offices moved to Huntington Beach.

Our new address is:

  • Dyment & Associates, Inc., 7755 Center Avenue, Suite 1100, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
  • Same office phone: 949.683.4997
  • Same emails:,

We can now offer our clients:

  • Free parking right next to our building
  • Inspiring ocean views from our 11th floor office
  • A state-of-the-art digital client experience
  • A stunning office environment right next to the shops at Bella Terra.