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Dr. Bill Dyment is a leading expert in permanent change management. In 2016, he delivered 150 seminars to America’s Fortune 500 companies, universities, health institutions and charitable organizations. In July, he surpasses his 2500th presentation by speaking to more than 500 organizations.

Dr.Bill’s message draws from 30 years of clinical and corporate consulting and his research examining stress and burnout among domestic U.S. workers and those serving in 38 countries. In addition, he is a frequent radio guest and has written numerous publications for human resources and clinical magazines on the topic of employee burnout.

Along with his co-author, Dr. Marcus Dayhoff, released Fire Your Excuses, a book and assessment featuring a 20-page personalized report examining the excuse areas where professionals struggle the most and their current potential for change. Based on their executive coaching program by the same name, the book is now available in hardcover at Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores and in Kindle, Nook and IBook formats.

Dr. Bill helps organizations seize the opportunities and avoid the threats of the current economy by assisting employee teams in understanding what it takes to be the 1/3 who navigate significant corporate change resiliently. In his seminar series, he argues that the most successful organizations this year will be those who can inspire newly structured and sized teams to be highly creative with existing resources.

Seminar and Consulting Specialties: Permanent Employee Change Management, Work/life Balance, Stress Management, Career Assessment, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.

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