How to Reboot and Rebrand Your Career

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The arrival of spring is also a strong signal that the year is rapidly moving along. We are reminded by the changing seasons that it is time to make good on the goals we set for ourselves in January. All too soon, the year will begin barreling to its end.

When it comes to career goals, the most common question I get from audience members and career clients these days is: “I feel stuck. How can I reboot my career? I know I am capable of so much more.” Some report they are increasingly being passed over, others say they feel lost and out of focus, not sure what to pursue during their career’s third quarter.  Maybe you can relate.

This short, eight minute, video is my answer.  It is entitled:  How to Reboot and Rebrand Your Career (and Stop Wandering in a Career Desert of Your Own Making.)  It explores:

  • The five most common career “fails.”
  • What you can do to differentiate yourself in any crowded field.
  • How to rebrand yourself professionally-whether you choose to stay in your current job, find a better one, or start a new business of your own.
  • How to become an “intrepreneur” or entrepreneur–pick one. (You must do one or the other if you wish to stay relevant these days.)

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These career changes are not hard but you must become laser-focused on the right strategies. If you are feeling stuck, undervalued, or desiring to make the shift from “player” to “player-coach” yourself, you will find this short video helpful AND challenging.  If you have any questions about your own career strategy, let’s talk!

Enjoy and Learn,

Dr. Bill
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